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Because of the Coyote problem here at the farm, I purchase my first Great Pyrenees, McFlurry. What an experience for me! I fell in love with the breed! “Mc” is now a Canadian and American Champion and a TDI, Therapy Dog International.

Great Pyrenees are loyal gentle companions who are wonderful with other animals, especially baby animals, and with children. They love to be outside, but can enjoy inside time as well. They are easy to train, great with obedience, and have more love to give than you can imagine.  Great Pyrenees do need to be brushed regularly and bathed occasionally, but they have fewer health and genetic problems than most giant breeds, and they are one of the longest lived of the giant breeds. If kept on human grade or raw food and not overvaccinated with lots of outside time, a Great Pyrenees will live well into his or her teens.

Great Pyrenees need a large fenced area. Mine have done wonderfully on Invisible Fence, where they protect their flock from coyote and stray dogs. They even chase off the deer, rabbits, hot air balloons, birds, and airplanes! We’re safe here on the farm with the Great Pyrenees on guard!

Barking can be an issue with these big dogs, so if you live in a neighborhood, you will want to bring yours in at night or be available to do so during the day if he or she sounds off for any period of time.  The barking is part of their instinct to let the predators know that they are on duty.


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