Nautika Ange D’argent
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Nautika Ange D'argent

McFlurry whose registered name is Nautika Ange D’argent came to us early in 2002 as an 11 week old puppy. She learned to bond with her flock, several Jack Russell Terriers, and now is their protector. Mc is a Great Pyrenees and they are bred to be livestock guardians.

Mc wanders the property on her 5 acres of Invisible Fence doing regular rounds and will also clear the property on command. She is friendly to people who come on the property as long as they are with a member of our family. She will bark tremendously if they are alone and she does not know them.

When McFlurry was about 14 months of age, we realized that she was actually a very good example of the Great Pyrenees breed. She was bred by Garrison and Phyllis Lewis and Jean Boyd, well respected Great Pyrenees breeders, but we had only purchased her as a livestock guardian. The breeders started showing her for me and then I took over the task, having great fun with Mc on the road, in the ring, and with all my new Great Pyrenees friends.

McFlurry is both a U.S. and Canadian Champion and is looking forward to earning her CD and Rally titles in the near future!

At the Great Pyrenees National Specialty in Frankenmuth, Michigan, McFlurry earned her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and TDI (Therapy Dog International) titles. Good girl Mc!

Here are some photos of Mc growing up on the farm. Feel free to contact us for more information about Nautika Ange D’argent, Great Pyrenees in general, or information on training a Great Pyrenees livestock guardian.

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