Jack and Parson Russell Terriers

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Jack Russell Terriers (non-AKC version) and Parson Russell Terriers (AKC version) are extremely active little hunting dogs that need discipline, exercise, attention, and containment.  They make great pets for the right families.  Being hunting dogs, they will try to dig up moles, catch the squirrels from the trees, and leap to chase birds.  They generally do not do well with cats!  Because these little terriers are very smart, they do not do well with even unintended abuse from small children.  Therefore, I suggest that you wait until your children are over 5 years of age before choosing this type of terrier for your family.  Parson Russell Terriers as well as Jacks make great agility dogs because they are extremely fast, brave, and tough.  They are also used frequently to hunt Red Fox, groundhog, opposum, and raccoon.

If you have an active family, a fenced yard or Invisible Fence, and enough time to devote to such an outgoing little terrier, give us a call so we can direct you to a breeder who can help.  716-652-7974

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