Dart (In Memoriam)

Fox Run Dart
(11.5″/Smooth/Tan and White)
Bronze Medallion
Dart’s Gallery Page

Fox Run Dart

In Memoriam
Tek of Windermere X Fox Run Sprint
1990 – 2003

Dart came to me in June of 1990 as the prettiest little bitch puppy I had ever seen. She slept in the bedroom as a pup, but she soon indicated to me that a housedog she was not! Outside was the only place she wanted to be. Her hunting instinct came early, and she taught me what it was about, pushing her way into any hole she could find and never giving up until she could locate! She finally earned her Bronze Medallion on a frigid January morning by bolting a raccoon after 6 hours in an undigable earth.

Dart was my first correct Jack Russell. She taught me about hunting, and she produced for me some wonderful puppies including the late Thimble Farm Target. She outlived her best friend, Meynell Rigsby, and is now survived and greatly missed by her kennelmate, Kilhaven Rudy.

Keeping old dogs is an emotional roller coaster. We think of them as members of the family, but must remember that they are only dogs, and they rely on us to make good decisions for their comfort and safety. After wrestling for months with how to best care for Dart, I decided that the future was too unknown for her. Battling heart disease, she would never have enjoyed her life as she had in the past. We will remember her as she was and how she grew old with dignity. She lives on in her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond.

We miss you Dart but know you are checking out those earths on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Thanks for never disappointing us and for gracing us with your presence for so many years.

Valerie Davis and the Thimble Farm Jack Russell Terriers

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