Thimble Farm Target
(13.25″/Broken/Tan and White)
NHC to Groundhog and Opossum
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Thimble Farm Target

In Memoriam
2/26/92 – 7/29/03

Born on a cold February day, the puppy Target was our boy! I really wanted to keep a bitch puppy, but his sisters were overshadowed by this little gem we called Target. We knew he would be with us for the long haul!

Target went on to be all we ever wanted and never disappointed us in the conformation ring or the hunt field. Holding two natural hunting certificates and numerous puppy and working conformation bests, championships, and reserves, he was retired after hunting injuries terminated his career.

Our wonderful Target contributed to the Jack Russell world in other ways as well. He sired Thimble Farm Clever, 1999 National Reserve Working Conformation Champion, our beloved Kilhaven Rudy, and many other fine terriers around the country. He is grandsire to Thimble Farm Terriers, Bamm, Dancer, Siren, and great grandsire to almost every dog here at the farm including Loofah, Lindy, Odette, Cleaver, Praline, Chatt, Bridgitt, and others around the world.

Target’s escape artist mind and intelligence kept us always on our toes. He knew immediately if we had forgotten to put on his invisible fence collar! On one occasion, he was gone hunting for two days before coming home for dinner. He wagged his tail and barked to come in like he had only been gone for an hour!

What a proud and handsome man we would never let him lose his dignity after living such a productive and purposeful working terrier life. It is with great respect that we allow him to move on and remain in our memory as the terrific little terrier that he was. He lives on in his progeny and in those yet to come.

Target is the son of Fox Run Dart and the late Meynell Rigsby. His sisters, Secret of Akron, New York, Darby of Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, and Kirby of Middlebury, Vermont, survive him. He is sorely missed by his housemate and constant companion, Clay Dale Twigg, as well as all the humans who have been touched by his elegance, spirit, and loving temperament.

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