Claydale Twigg
(13.5″/Rough/Tan and White)
NHC to Groundhog
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Claydale Twigg

In Memoriam

Many years ago, I received a phone call from a local person telling me that Louise Thomas was selling her Clay Dale Twigg. Twigg was apparently not behaving herself at the farm and I was told that I had better get her quickly before something bad happened! Always having admired that beautiful bitch, I called Louise and made arrangements to purchase her.

As most true working terriers can be, young Twigg was a handful. She settled in well, however, and grew to be more than I had ever hoped for. Twigg was a consistent and sensible hunter, a wonderful brood bitch, a top competitor in the conformation ring, and a fabulous companion.

The years came and went. Twigg mellowed in her later years and developed some old-age health problems with which we dealt. Always the distinguished matriarch, Twigg was the teacher and the babysitter for her grandkids, great grandkids, great great grandkids, and beyond. She remained beautiful and graceful even as she slowed.

This past summer, she ran and played and still acted like a terrier. She was doing so well that Twigg accompanied me to the Northgate Terrier Trial where she again competed in the Geriatric division for terriers over 12 years of age. This fall she showed signs of weakness and weight loss. She began to exhibit the symptoms of physical failure and labored breathing. I made the decision to let her move on to the big beyond where all the great terriers go when they are finished with their duties here on earth.

Twigg, thanks for teaching me about patience and understanding, about true canine loyalty and trust, and for your unwavering love for me from the day I brought you home until the day you left this life. No dog will ever replace you. And I believe if you could have spoken to me that last day, you would have said, “Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so twas Heaven here with you.”* Twigg, you gave so much, and I will love and remember you forever.

*Isla Paschal Richardson

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